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Best Top 3 Menthol Crystal Manufacturers in India

The Image insists the overall products of Menthol and its other products manufactured by Shivani Chemicals.
Menthol Crystal Manufactured By SHIVANI CHEMICALS

Menthol Crystal acts as a major component in making cooling and refreshing products in different fields. Menthol Crystals are used mainly in pharmaceutical products and cosmetic products to render aromatherapy, promote breathing easier, temporarily relieve nasal congestion, and alleviate fever symptoms, cough, headaches, and sinus.

Shivani Chemicals

Shivani Chemicals stands as the best manufacture of Menthol Crystal in India. They supply raw materials all over India and worldwide. Shivani Chemicals also manufactures natural Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemicals, and wholesale industry for Trade of Pharmaceuticals Formulations.

Shivani Chemicals stands unique for its purity and quality in the manufacture of Menthol Crystal. The derivation of the organic compound is done using the traditional method as the efficient component is preserved without the loss of its purity.

The search for buying the best menthol crystal from manufacturers results in Shivani Chemicals.

The above image indicates the crystal generated from menthol by various process from Shivani Chemicals.
Menthol Crystal all the way from Shivani Chemicals

Why Choose Shivani Chemicals?

  • They render proper hygiene during the manufacturing process using advanced technology.

  • Shivani Chemicals is one of the highly regarded organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying a large variety of products.

  • Delivers safe and secured shipping.

  • Tracks appropriate Industry norms according to “The Industry and Development Act, 1951”.

  • Acquire material from trusted vendors.

  • Carefully packed to avoid messiness.

How they produce Menthol Crystal?

We know that Menthol Crystals are made from the synthetic natural derivation of mint oils from corn mint or peppermint. Once the extraction of the essential oil is completed, they are put to freeze immediately, which in turn turns menthol crystal.

After the formation of Menthol Crystal, they are separated by filtration. Mentha Oil is obtained by steamed distillation of Mentha Arvensis Leaves. Menthol stands as the main constituent of mentha oil, with slow cooling through refrigeration, crystallization, centrifugation, and drying the resultant is obtained.

Address :

NS Mint Products Private Limited

NS Mint stands next to Shivani Chemicals. They manufacture Essential Oils and Mint Products. They are popularly known as ATR products in the market.

NS Mint Products Pvt. Ltd, introduces reliable manufactures of menthol and its key products derived from menthol itself. Their main principle is to satisfy the consumer with the quality products that they render.

They are one among the Menthol Manufactures in India, of specialized range of Essential Oils and Mint Products used widely in food and flavors, fragrance, Pharmaceuticals products.

Why Choose NS Mint Products Private Limited?

  • They have in-depth knowledge of manufacturing menthol crystals and other menthol-related products, natural essential oils, and aromatic chemicals to the consumers.

  • NS Mint stands for its unique quality check method, to improve the trust among its consumers

  • The Professional way of managing quality check management has driven the company’s success in recent years.

  • NS Mint focuses deeply on innovation, creativity, and providing good standard goods to their consumer.

Address: NS Mint Products Pvt. Ltd, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh-244302

KM Chemicals

KM Chemicals is one of the Menthol Crystal Manufacturers in India. The uses of Menthol Crystals are vast in medical and non-medical fields. It is good for consumption and in various homemade remedies. KM Chemicals offer a wide range of products discovered from Mother Nature.

As the competitors of other companies, they stand very friendly in managing their consumers. This Company has its own business ethics and morale to manage the situation that arises.

Why Choose KM Chemicals?

  • KM Chemicals aims to bring good products from the goodness of nature and provides the best benefits to meet its role.

  • They are best known for their uncompromised quality and value for money for the goods purchased.

  • They manage various quality tests under different stages during the process of preparation.

  • KM Chemicals can assure you cent percent assured products without side effects.

Address: 29, Sikree Gate, Jatt Colany, Chandausi, Uttar Pradesh - 202412

India As A Menthol Exporting Country :

India exports different types of menthol products and natural essential oils to countries including China, the U.S, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Brazil, and Japan.

The major export variety includes essential oil derived from Mentha Arvensis), peppermint oil from Mentha Piperita, de-methodized mint oil, spearmint from Mentha Spicata, water mint oil from Mentha Aquatica, horsemint oil from Mentha Sylvestries, and bergamot oil from Mentha Citrate.

India has produced 30,000 tonnes of menthol oil in 2019-2020.

India Exports nearly 22,500 tones of menthol oil annually.

Worldwide Demand of Menthol Crystals and Oils :

The Global demand for Menthol Crystals and Oils can be endorsed by the increased usage of Mentha products, in arrears to the high demand for fragrances in personal care products such as cosmetics, oral care, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, and flavoring segments.

The current scenario is facing growing consumer preferences for natural and organic personal care products due to the increase of wide knowledge and concern towards their own health. The wide range of awareness regarding the side effects of inorganic products is expected to further boost the growth of this market.

Check Points Before Buying From A Manufacturer:

  • First Thing, check for a professional website for purchase.

  • Checkout, the reviews of the company

  • Prepare the list of items, to be purchased

  • Try to go with the minimal amount of purchase, to know deep about the quality, purity, quantity, and package.

  • The above point will also drive to know the professional way of the company, that how they handle their consumer.

  • To get a better quality product for the customers, the goods purchased can also be re-tested with the various filtration process.

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